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Sought and bought or sometimes simply stumbled on by Larsen & Thompson

L&T tea buyer and co-founder David Thompson can’t help himself: when he picks things up, he finds it hard to put them down again. He’s a collector, a connoisseur of the odd, the unusual and the unusually beautiful. Trained as an archaeologist, the intrepid tea-travelling Mr Thompson more often than not finds himself in far-flung places where his curiosity is sparked by objects he stumbles on and, well, simply can’t resist. To the point where his warehouse is jam-packed and bursting with years and years of ‘must-haves’. And here they are: you’ve reached the back room of the Larsen & Thompson Tea Shop. We call it, rather pretentiously, our  Accoutrements department. This is where you can wander at will among David’s electic collection of weird and wonderful bits and pieces and buy whatever takes your eye. Welcome!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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