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Puerh Tea • Zhuan Cha (250gm rectangular tea brick)
Zhuan Cha (rectangular tea brick)
Puerh tea

Used as an edible currency in Siberia well into the 20th C, Zhuan Cha, or puerh brick tea was traditionally transported on donkey and horseback along the trade routes of China and to its close neighbours. These tea trails have been travelled for over a thousand years. The Tibetans still choose Zhuan Cha for their Tsampa. Larsen and Thompson have managed to divert a portion of this rare cargo for your consumption. Like other Puerh, the tea in this trade brick has undergone a secondary fermentation process allowing it to mature and improve with time. This Larsen and Thompson selected Zhuan Cha is an aged Puerh, a bold and assertive tea with a touch of astringency on the palate.

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis (tea)

Puerh Tea • Zhuan Cha (250gm rectangular tea brick)

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