Indian Black Tea • Nudwa Tea Estate  (500 gm)

Invoice: C 105

Grade: CTC BP


Our long time merchant exporter Ajay described this CTC tea as a ‘cracker’. He’s right! Our Assam Nudwa is full bodied, thick and gutty. This second flush tea has a malty flavour and a deep coppery infusion. It turns golden in the cup with the addition of milk. 


Nudwa Tea Estate is situated close to Chabua in the Dibrugarh district of Assam. This garden is part of the Assam Company India Limited Group. The Assam Company was the first Anglo-Indian tea company and was set up by a deed of British Parliament in 1839. Dwarkanath Tagore, one of the first Bengali industrialists to form an enterprise with British partners and grandfather of the famous Bengali man of letters, the poet, writer, composer, philosopher and painter Rabindranath was one of the Assam Company's original shareholders. Motilal Seal the famous Bengali businessman and financer was also one of the original founders of the Assam Company. 

Indian Black Tea • Nudwa Tea Estate (500 gm)