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About Single Estate Teas

Single Estate Teas

As the name suggests, single estate teas are unblended batches of tea from specific gardens. They offer the discerning consumer the subtleties of varietal, seasonal and regional flavour. An Invoice is the name given to a parcel of tea from a particular section of a garden. Invoices are manufactured separately and are numbered consecutively throughout the growing season. Each invoice is unique.

Some of the single-estate teas below are only available in bulk due to the small window of time available for picking and production. Currently our single estate teas available in retail cartons are: Assam Langharjan and Darjeeling Oaks.

Current Invoices

Langharjan, Inv: OR 534, TGFOP1

Duflating, Inv: O 391, TGFOP

Dikom, Inv: O405, TGFOP1

Singlijan, Inv: O395M, STGFOP (SPL)

Oaks, Inv: DJ 119 (Second Flush), SFTGFOP 1 (CH) MUSC

Goomtee, Inv: DJ46 (First Flush), SFTGFOP1

Gielle, Inv: DJ 53 (First Flush), FTGFOP1 (CL)

Castelton, Inv: DJ212 (Second Flush), FTGFOP1 (SPL) (CH)