Larsen & Thompson Langharjan Tea



Region: Assam
Garden: Langharjan
Inv. No: OR 534
Grade: TGFOP1

This exquisite whole leaf India tea is the pure, unblended product of the garden named on the front of our pack.

Because L&T's taster travels to the source, we're able to select only those invoices that exhibit true seasonal variation and unique regional character.

An invoice is a parcel of tea, often pinpointing a section of the garden and the time of its plucking. To connoisseurs, invoice numbers are as meaningful as wine vintages.

With its attractive sprinkling of golden tips, this well twisted whole-leaf tea is quintessentially Assamese in character when brewed for three minutes and drunk black. Brewed for five minutes, this tea will need milk and will have a mellow, malty and smooth flavour with a velvety texture.