Man pulling cart of fresh tea

A few tips on Brewing

Water is important. Always use fresh water and if you are drinking a very good quality speciality tea without milk you could even try bottled water.

For 'normal' or broken leaf teas, first try one level teaspoon of tea for each cup – and place in a pre-warmed teapot. Bring the water to a furious boil, pour over the leaves and infuse for at least three minutes to draw out the full flavour. Anything less than three minutes merely colours the water. Even teabags will benefit from a three-minute infusion and you get a far better result if you brew them in a pot.

Full leaf teas may need an even longer infusion time.

For Green teas, the Chinese recommend water no hotter than 70°C. They believe hotter water encourages the release of astringent and bitter flavours. Some Green, Oolongs and White teas may require an even longer infusion.
It is vitally important that the water temperature does not cool too rapidly during brewing. A tea cosy is great for keeping pots warm, but if that seems a little too mumsy, use a tea towel or something similar to insulate the pot.
Once a tea is infused and you're happy with the taste, remove the leaves from contact with the tea. Teapots which offer a removable infuser (ceramic or wire mesh) are a good solution. Another option is to decant the tea into another teapot.