Larsen & Burmese Gift Set


Burmese Tea Gift Set

Boxed gift set containing 60gm of Burmese Shan Plateau Oolong tea, a Burmese handmade clay pot and a handcrafted wooden caddy spoon made of strong and durable Burmese Padauk wood.

In Burma, terracotta pots are used in every household for storage, cooking and making natural curd.

Roasting of Burmese tea:
For a redder, toastier, more 'biscuity' aroma and flavour, Burmese families often re-roast Jungle Green in a clay pot over an open fire before brewing. To achieve a similar result, roast a small amount of tea in a frying pan or in this terracotta pot over medium to high heat for 20 minutes or so. Toss occasionally and be careful not to burn the leaves.